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     Who We Are



Jeannie & Luis Fayad, Owners of Simply-Lovely.
Jeannie Is a Research Scientist providing services at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Her husband, Luis Fayad, is a New York & Arizona State Certify Counselor and Nationally Certified Psychologist in United States.
Their Story: “My husband and I fell in love with Punta Cana on our first visit ten years ago. Naturally, we were inspired and bought a second home in Punta Cana, a refuge with the backdrop of amazing pristine beaches. Apart from indulging ourselves in our private sanctuary for short periods of time during the year, we equally enjoy sharing our experience and having guests stay in our residence taking advantage of all the luxuries and adventures Punta Cana has to offer”  -Jeannie Fayad-

Annette & Dennis Calder, Owners of two Condos, Oasis Tranquilo & Oasis Romantico.
Annette is a Financial Officer, Programmer, Systems Analyst & IT Support Specialist. And Dennis is a Graphic & Interior Designer, Image Consultant & Photographer - Retiree / Hobbyist & Kayak Enthusiast. Both are Canadian citizen with their primary residence in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.
Their Story: Our first experience in Punta Cana was in 2002…..What impressed us the most was the climate, the warm turquoise waters of the ocean, the soft coral sand beaches, the fragrance of exotic flowers and the welcoming songs of the tropical birds singing all day long. We wanted to be in Punta Cana for longer stretches of time, and all-inclusive resorts would no longer be able to meet our growing needs.  So we decided to make our second home in Punta Cana.  We wish to be able to share this with others and welcome people to come see for themselves.  There is no other experience like it.  While we return to our primary residence near the tourist city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, our hearts are always longing for the most charming and alluring beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Yves Deschacht, Jeimy & their son Cedric, Your Hosts in Punta Cana.



Tips for your Trip
to Bavaro - Punta Cana

Passport, visa and all that stuff: Make sure you to bring your valid passport. Citizens and residents of the United States, Canada and the majority of European countries can enter the country with a 30 day Tourist Card and they DO NOT need a visa.

At Punta Cana Airport or any other airport in Dominican Republic, you will need to purchase a Tourist Card for US$10.00 per person at arrival (if you are not a Dominican citizen or legal resident).

To find the Dominican embassy in your country visit:
Dominican Embassies Abroad

Weather in Bavaro – Punta Cana is excellent year-round. During the summer, the temperature can range from 90 F (32 C) at mid-day to 70 F (23 C) in the morning. Temperatures are around 65 F (19 C) in the winter.

  Sunscreen is a must if you don’t want to burn!! Even if the day is cloudy, use sun block, as the Caribbean sun is very strong.  Of course, mosquito repellants and topical analgesics for itch-relief (Benadryl makes for an excellent choice).
  Money matters: The official currency of the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso.  Many businesses might accept US Dollars for payment but for a rate not beneficial to you. Do not expect that any merchant or business will be able to provide changes in a currency other than Pesos for any purchases that you make

You can get money (in Dominican pesos) from any ATM, using your own bank card. For the Current official Rate visit:
 XE Currency site

Transport: Rental cars are very affordable from reputable companies such as Budget or Avis. To get a good rate, make your reservation on-line prior to your arrival. (Remember that you will need to show a valid driver's license and a credit card when you pick up the vehicle)

Driving in the area of Bavaro – Punta Cana is safe.  Driving outside of Bavaro-Punta Cana at night is Not advisable due to the carelessness of other drivers.

There are three gas stations in the area of Bavaro – Punta Cana.  Ask for the cheapest gas and it is better to pay in Pesos not in Dollars or Euros.

 ■  Food:  Most restaurant bills include a 16% tax (ITBIS) and 10% tip service (prop legal).  So keep this in mind, depending of the service you receive and in case you do not wish to leave any extra tips.  
   Electricity: In the Dominican Republic electric plugs are 110 volts, like those in the United States and Canada. Europeans and visitors from some countries in South America will provably need a power adapter.


BAVARO BEACH Resort received the International Environmental Education Foundation’s "Blue Flag" certification.
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